An Innovative Therapeutic Strategy That Tricks The Body to Recognize Cancer as an Infectious Disease thereby Repurposing Viral T-cells against Cancers for Eradication. 

Globally, cancer continues to be a top 5 leading cause of death resulting in a high unmet need for novel therapies and treatments. Immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs have emerged as a potent solution with demonstrated clinical benefits. However, such treatments are expensive and toxic, and up to 70% of cancer patients do not respond to such drugs due to the absence of an anti-tumor response or a hostile tumor micro-environment.

PathoVax's IMMUNE REDIRECTION strategy utilizes papillomaviruses that tailors the patient's tumor to become susceptible towards their own pre-existing natural anti-viral or childhood vaccine immunity. This approach will change treatment outcomes for many cancer patients previously un-targetable by current immuno-therapeutic drugs. This also circumvents the risky and costly R&D challenges in identifying the right patients and/or producing potent immune responses against cancer.